Blackwell’s Grove Nursery

Blackwell’s Grove Nursery is a long-term project, as are all Nurseries. One really must have faith in growing things to plan and establish a Nursery.

I’ll share a little story. The first year we traveled all over the local area (several counties) procuring the finest specimen Daylillies we could find. They were arranged in a mass border for display and what a show they put on! The first Spring they bloomed their little hearts out; real show-stoppers! By the next Spring the deer had eaten them all down to nothing; not letting up until every last Daylilly (several hundred dollars worth of prime stock) were de-vitalized and gone. But the deer don’t seem to bother with the naturalized Orange Daylillies that make colonies all along the roadside. The deer ate up all the grape vines, too… ate the woody stems and everything all the way down to nubbins at ground level.

Until things have matured sufficiently we might consider this as just a gleam in our eye towards the future. Check back occasionally over the years…    :-)